Big Red Bow

Today’s project brought to you today from My Kid’s Naps.  Just a little pencil/colored pencil sketch.  Fun to squeeze in today.

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I did something!

I saw this picture on Pinterest last week and loved it! I’ve been trying to find something for above our sofa and thought this would be the perfect DIY project.

I unexpectedly found some canvases for 50% off this weekend. Then I found the perfect paint color. So things were coming together nicely out of nowhere… maybe too nicely*.  It happened to be the kids naptime when we got home. Another lucky break?  I looked at Dave, Dave looked at me, and we ate lunch and watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica.  THEN we got to work on our project.

Dave MacGyver’d a string/pencil tool to make the curves perfect. (editor’s note: It kind of disturbes me that I googled MacGyver to check the spelling and I totally spelled it correctly.)

We whipped them up and I suddenly have wall art!  And in one day from start to finish! Woohoo!

I love how the blues, yellows and greys are coming together in the room. Next I might hit Goodwill to look for a couple of cheap, but looking for a second chance, wall sconces.

I am so excited that I did something! (It had been awhile.) Yay for creating!

* No, it wasn’t too nicely at all.  It all came together perfectly.  


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Cheater Blinds

I took 20 minutes out of the day today to do one of the pages from Drawing Lab. (yay me!) The idea is to look at a photo and without looking at your paper, start drawing the figure. After awhile do a “cheater look” and make sure you’re in the correct area, but for the most part truly be trying to look at the photo.  When you have the final outline, go back and fill in details.

The point is obviously not to get a realistic likeness, but still – I had to laugh at how these turned out.

This pretty, adventurous little girl became…Frog Girl! (with unusually thin mustache)

My son playing his guitar…might be kind of cute if it weren’t for his “unusual” hands/feet.

Happy boy eating his first apple pie…became a vampire with misplaced ear.

And my adorable husband, the poor innocent soul…turned into Elvis Presley’s half-brother.

I can’t place my finger on how it happened.  But I hope he forgives me. (After he finishes his pb&b sandwich.)

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Miniature Pencil Art



Somebody out there creates art using the tip of a pencil, razor and a needle.  Amazing.

See more here.





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As someone who has always struggled with hands, this totally made me laugh! Can you relate??

(via Drawn)

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Allowing for Dreams

I had posted this to my family blog, but thought since this is unabashed dreaming, it would be more appropriate here. (Where my little tagline is: draw. capture. write. paint. bake. sketch. scheme. dream.)

Whenever there is a crisis in one’s life, dreams take a backseat. I don’t have scientific proof, although it’s probably out there being studied somewhere. Just like the recent finding that “teens with acne have depression” – it seems like common sense. Prior to any Autism/SPD diagnoses in our house Dave and I had dreams of living overseas – particularly the UK. There’s something so hopelessly beautiful and timeless about it. I would imagine getting lost in my thoughts overlooking the english countryside or taking in all of the sights and sounds of London, enjoying the rich history at my fingertips. Over the weekends we could travel to neighboring countries and get a taste of the best Europe had to offer young families. There were times we were really serious about making it a reality. Because, well, why not? We don’t want life to just pass us by and sometimes you just have to make things happen.

Eventually our lives were changed as we realized the depth of our children’s struggles and started to feel the push and pull of life that comeswith that. We were already overwhelmed by being away from family a couple of states over in Texas. It would be foolish to move even farther away, you know, across the ocean. Dave would bring it up and it’d pessimistically say, “Yeah, well, that’s not going to happen.” and feel a bit heavy-hearted. My intention wasn’t to squash our dream; my intension was to be realistic and get our life in order in a way that would help everyone in basic day-to-day living.

The only problem is I’m a notorious dreamer – to the point that I think it irritates people who are more “organizationally inclined.” 😉 I can’t help it. Give me an adventure and I may be initially hesitant, but then jump in head first with a big “Woooohooo!” So closing a door – any door – seems unnatural to me. I was sad because I felt being a mom of kids on the spectrum meant putting that dream to rest for good.

Before things get too far, know that we don’t have any big announcement or anything. So far we still have no plans to make this happen at all.

But I’ve allowed myself the possibility.

I’ve learned that life can feel a lot lighter if you let yourself say, “What if…?”

Sure it’d be harder for us, but does harder really mean impossible? I never want to limit us or our kids that way. I remember listening to this lecture and noting that Temple Grandin, a famous author and speaker with Autism, spoke of her mother pushing her when she didn’t want to do something. She states how important that was for her in her development.

Who is to say that, despite their aversion to transition and change, that moving abroad wouldn’t be an amazing experience for my kids? We could create social stories and really talk about it beforehand with them, so there would be no surprises. (A point Miss Grandin emphasizes in regards to pushing past comfort zones.) And maybe we live in the countryside instead of the city to avoid excess noises so we don’t overwhelm the senses. A little (or maybe a lot of) extra work and a some adjustments on our expectations and, who knows, it just might be doable.

What if we could actually do it?

Sure the chances are probably slim of it coming to fruition, but I have to tell you, it truly feels good to dream again.

photo credits from the mosaic above:

1. 08-04-10 A Sunny Afternoon, 2. Cuba Gallery: England / Cambridge / natural light / buildings / people / vintage / photography, 3. AN ENGLISH COUNTRY GARDEN, 4. English country garden, 5. London phonebox, 6. A Valentine’s Day Sunset, 7. English Countryside, 8. Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company., 9. IF- bicycle, 10. Abandoned Castle, 11. Royal Wedding : Kate and William, 12. Framlingham College from the castle

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Happy Friday

This week I started Creative Boot Camp and I have totally loved it. If you are striving to be a more creatively well-rounded person, I would totally recommend something like this.  I’ll try to talk more about it on another post, but only have time to pass along these Portraits I came across.  They are amazing!

Authors drawn literally from their own words.  They are all stunning.

Go here for more.

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